Jonathan Ranken Anderson

Anderson (1803-1859) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister in Glasgow. Many of his sermons have been published.

Jorge Ruiz Ortiz

Brought up a Roman Catholic, he was later converted as a young man. He is the pastor of a presbyterian congregation in Northern Spain. He also provides theological education to Spanish-speaking students through the Academia de Teología Reformada.

James Durham

Durham (1622-58) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister and famous author. Although he died young he wrote a large amount of works that are carefully reasoned from Scripture and spiritually searching.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne

M’Cheyne (1813–1843) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister in Dundee. He has become well-known for eminent personal holiness and devotion to Christ during his short life and ministry. He witnessed a period of revival in his congregation in Dundee during 1839. His Memoir and Remains and published sermons remain highly prized for their spiritual value.

Thomas Boston

Boston (1676-1732) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister in the Scottish Borders. He was a faithful pastor and careful preacher of spiritual experience. His books include the classic Human Nature in its Fourfold State and The Crook in the Lot. These writings have had a very wide influence.

Thomas Watson

Watson (c. 1620-1686) was a puritan preacher and writer whose attractive spiritual writings remain highly valued. Their searching application and striking illustrations make them especially memorable. Some of these include: All Things for Good; The Art of Divine Contentment; The Lord’s Prayer; The Godly Man’s Picture and Heaven Taken by Storm.

Matthew Mead

(c. 1630 – 1699) was a puritan minister in London who was ejected from his pulpit in 1662. His most famous book is The Almost Christian Discovered. He was closely associated with John Owen, William Greenhill and Joseph Caryl and ministered in a congregation in Stepney, London.